In the 5G era, PCB high-frequency materials demand is strong

Today’s society has entered a highly informational society, and the IT industry has become a powerful driving force for social informationization. The 5G era, automatic driving, car collision avoidance system, high-speed large-capacity memory, positioning system, Internet of things and other applications require high-frequency, high-speed and large-capacity storage and transmission of electronic materials and electronic components. The function of the signal. The development of high-frequency copper clad laminates has become a topic of great concern to PCB manufacturers and CCL manufacturers worldwide. High-frequency materials represented by PTFE have low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, and excellent heat resistance have been widely used in the high frequency field.

High-frequency copper clad laminate processing using PTFE as a substrate requires a high temperature of 380 ° C or higher for press bonding. This puts higher demands on presses and laminated steel sheets.

At present, the highest pressing temperature of various types of pressed steel sheets which are commonly used in ordinary FR4 press is about 280 °C.


Post time: Mar-19-2019