High frequency, wisdom soft board explosion in 2019

Huawei’s folding mobile phone Mate X officially unveiled at a price of 2,299 euros. The author said before that the big winner in 2019 is in Samsung and the red supply chain, and it is also the year of 5G entering the application. The overall market war is hard. Upgrade of the device.

How should investors focus on the key points? Huang Zidong analysts advise investors to pay attention to observe a very important price; “copper.” The price of copper has risen by about 9.45% this year. The lowest price is 5713 at the beginning of January. As of today, it has reached 6510 (US$/metric ton). Among them, China has the most demand for copper, so related stocks, such as: Fengda Electric There will be trading space, and double data comparison can also sniff out the market demand this year.

Let’s talk about the apple soft-board wire supplier with a high proportion of retail shares and a high number of shareholders; Jialianyi. It is believed that investors are still impressed with the news of layoffs before the Lunar calendar. The weak demand for smart phones has dragged down the operation of the entire Taiwanese component factory.

However, Jialianyi mainly uses liquid crystal material (LCP) to produce antenna modules, which is not the same as the Modified PI (MPI) substrate used in Taichung County. Taizheng Chairman Zheng Mingzhi said that the smart antenna module for high-speed transmission applications is on the stage. The proportion of county revenues will grow at a high speed, and it will also be combined with upstream raw materials to develop newer materials. In today’s wireless communication products from 3G to 5G, the demand for high-frequency, high-speed, low-signal loss transmission will only increase.

At present, Taiwan’s operating structure, mobile phone accounted for 75%, NB flat products accounted for 22%, and other smart homes and vehicles accounted for about 3% of the total. If the 5G infrastructure construction, self-driving technology, etc. are launched, the operation of individual stocks is quite large, and the related stocks, Ding-KY, have taken the lead in launching investors for reference in stock selection.

Post time: Mar-19-2019